Moving beam

Iris Adjustable

Iris adjustable perspective cover photo
Right light for every space
Moving beam

Iris Adjustable

This unique application of Bartenbach’s pinhole lens moves lighting aesthetics and functionality to another level. Optical knowledge and Austrian precision in development and production combined the virtually glare-free solution.


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Invisible step adjustment spring allows Iris Adjustable to be swivelled, after luminaire is installed, for up to 30° and thanks to combination of aluminum frames light can be rotated up to 355°. The large heat sink made of die-cast aluminum provides very good thermal performance with maximum product life.


Iris Adjustable is available in 35° and 60°  beam angles, therefore it can be used for accentuation of artworks, or more general indirect illumination of space. Each luminaire is available in three different correlated color temperatures (CCT): 2700K, 3000K and 4000K. The high color rendering index (CRI) provides upmost comfort and quality in visual perception.



Design features

Thanks to the invisible angle adjustment mechanism, the angle of the Iris Adjustable can be pivoted after installation, without the need to open the luminaire. An invisible insert is moving inside of the elongated hole with an 11 mm diameter without any impact on the luminaires clean design.


Optical features

The Iris range consists of two different lighting distributions (35° and 60°) but with the same size and appearance, which makes it the perfect choice for catching the same look in  different ceiling heights and lighting effects. Perfect control of light provides best uniformity, low UGR and high visual comfort.


Mechanical features

The combination of aluminium frames are allowing a rotation of 355° and swivelling angle of 30°. The invisible design features a large heatsink of die-casted aluminium that provides very good thermal performance for longer product lifetime. Iris Adjustable has IP20 level dust and water ingress protection.