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Right light for every space
Our competences

We develop sophisticated solutions to illuminate the world around you.

We work closely with our clients to provide state-of-the-art lighting and architectural solutions.


Concept Design

The archlum team approach any project specification by studying three aspects:

  • The ambient mood
  • The accent
  • The task lighting

Understanding those aspects is needed for defining a degree of design freedom which allows us to specify optimal lighting solutions.

If no existing solution is available, each project may have partially or full customisation.


Fitting Development

At the stage of technical fitting development, the archlum team goes through an application study, whereby electro-mechanical, optical, thermal challenges are solved with respect to project architecture and interior design.

On high complexity projects, archlum prefers to collaborate with established industry leaders such as Bartenbach GmbH, with whom we have been cooperating with for many years on both levels of projects design as well as special fittings developments.



At the end of the lighting contract journey, archlum team concludes the spec-to-build developed BOQ progressing to the next stage of manufacturing.

We coordinate the activity of our suppliers and subcontractors, focusing our attention on product quality control.

Once products are produced, they are gathered in our warehouse in Swansea UK and there they await shipping to our customers.

About us

spec-to-build solutions for clients around the world.

From two locations, archlum provides services to its customers when and where they are needed.


Archlum’s MEIRA Series is made with state-of-the-art reflectors designed by Bartenbach with the highest optical standards. Their micro facets design allows perfect control of the light emitted by the LED with the best uniformity.

Archlum Products

Focus S

focus s cover

LED Spotlight System

Focus M

LED Spotlight System

Focus K

LED Spotlight System

Focus C S

LED Spotlight System

Focus C M

LED Spotlight System

Sole P150

Super Comfort Lights

Sole P200

Super Comfort Lights

Sole C150

Super Comfort Lights