Lighting is
our passion

Light planning
Right light for every space

Our services

Our team set-up allows us all the flexibility required to answer any project needs.



archlum is combining its lighting experience with technical know-how for creating wonderful installations.

With the recent investments in the Graz Competence Center we increased our capacity to deliver higher projects quality in the most efficient way.


Research & Development

With over 20-years of experience in the field of LED and lighting systems, archlum gathered electronic and mechanical engineering competences to maximise performance and innovation.

Through our cooperation with Bartenbach GmbH we increase our lighting quality to the highest level.


Quality Management Process

To ensure that we meet our customer needs, archlum in the UKĀ  has already implemented ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems.

archlum‘s highest priority is to provide services in the agreed quality, schedule, and specification to all our customers.


Production & Logistic

Through a strategic partnership with warehouse and production in the UK and an additional production unit in Slovenia near our Graz office, we are striving to produce our cutting-edge products in the required lead time.

With a made-to-order strategy we gain flexibility key components remain stored in our warehouse in UK for fast delivery if necessary.

We are fast and flexible