LED Spotlight System

Focus M

Right light for every space
LED Spotlight System

Focus M

Focus family offers wide range of housing options and different mounting alternatives: ceiling recessed, surface mounted and in track,which makes it applicable for any ceiling type. The head which rotates up to 355° and pivots up to 90° allows to direct light beam towards objects, artworks and their accentuation.


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Two lens options are available: fixed and zoom. The zoom lens alternative of Focus allows user to adjust beam angle by simply rotating the lens.



Focus family with its vast range of spot, narrow, medium and flood beam angle alternatives enables the maximum functionality and efficiency at the same time. Suitable for all typical track light applications in any room size and ceiling height.



Available in black and white, the modern and minimalist appearance of Focus family fits into every interior design concept.


Design features

Focus family is applicable to all typical track light contexts with its vast range of size, shape, color, beam angle and application type alternatives which enables maximum freedom in project design.


Optical features

The high quality optical lens provides maximum visual comfort and lighting control,  whilst a variety of beam angles makes Focus applicable in almost any space. Available in two different lens alternatives: fixed and zoom (adjustable beam angle).


Mechanical features

Optimized passive cooling system ensures low LED temperature and long lifespan. In-track LED Driver provides high efficiency in installation and lighting solution.