Super Comfort Lights

Sole S100

Right light for every space
Super Comfort Lights

Sole S100

Sole S luminaires are consisting of square-shaped ceiling recessed downlights which are not only suitable to all typical downlight applications, but also providing maximum visual comfort with its deep recessed reflector design.


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Large surface and the hybrid optical lens positioned deeply inside of glare controlling reflector are main characteristics of Sole family. This combination provides utmost lighting quality and attractive appearance at the same time.



Sole S100 can be produced in different color combinations upon request. Thus, maximum compatibility with all kinds of design concepts is ensured.



Sole S100 is available in 60°  beam angle, which makes it a perfect choice for applications requiring general illumination. The high color rendering index (CRI) provides high quality in visual output.


Design features

Sole family is applicable to all typical downlight contexts with its vast range of application type, size, shape, color and beam angle alternatives which provides design freedom in project planning.


Optical features

A big optical lens in combination with a decorative reflector, guarantees good glare control, whilst a variety of beam angles makes Sole applicable in almost any space.


Mechanical features

Large aluminium housing ensures good thermal management and safe operation for up to 15W. Screw bracket installation mechanism allows flexible and safe installation.