MR16 Retrofit

Retro VSA

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Right light for every space
MR16 Retrofit

Retro VSA

Easy to install, easy to maintain. Available in two basic shapes, round and square. Retro family is based on MR16 fitting that allows it to be equipped with various range of standard LED modules.


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With choice of suitable frame each version, Retro can be installed in ceiling with visible trim or trimless.




The modular concept allows easy combination of system elements which makes Retro suitable for every project.


Swiveling of light source up to 30° and rotation up to 355° allows Retro to direct light beam towards objects and artworks and their accentuation by means of spot light distribution.


Design features

Metalised reflector in different color finishes can adapt to visual identity of the space in general and public areas. Deeply recessed light source and pinhole design tend to hide light source and make this product blend into ceiling as invisible glare-free light which is especially appreciated in hotel application.


Optical features

High efficiency TIR lens available in three beam angles. Variety of optical accessorize like anti-glare honeycomb for a complete light comfort, while frosted and ribbed glass are ideal for beam spreading.


Mechanical features

Once frame is installed in ceiling LED module and power supply could be approached form front side without dismounting luminaire from the ceiling. This makes the maintenance and light source upgrade easy and effective. Two power options for Tridonic SLA DC LED module 7,7W and 12.2W. Each of them is available in three correlated color temperatures