Minimal Lights

Otto Wall

otto wall open with switch front
Right light for every space
Minimal Lights

Otto Wall

Otto Wall luminaire fulfills various architectural, lighting and ambience requirements in every kind of project. Available in black and white, with different possible head and snoot color combinations.


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Otto Wall has two alternatives; visible or hidden switch. The luminaire with visible switch enables user to turn on and off manually. In the hidden switch alternative, the switch is placed just below the head of luminaire so it automatically turns off once the head is closed.

The head of Otto Wall luminaire can be rotated, which allows each user to find the most comfortable angle for themselves.



Otto Wall, with its minimalistic and modern appearance, provides the opportunity to adapt to any design identity.


Design features

Various color combinations are possible in Otto Wall luminaire for fitting to different project identities, which is especially expected and important in hotel applications. Available in two alternatives; visible switch (manual turn on-off) or hidden switch (automatic turn on-off).


Optical features

The high color rendering index (CRI) provides high quality in visual output. Each luminaire of the Otto family is available in three correlated color temperatures (CCT): 2700K; 3000K and 4000K


Mechanical features

Aluminium housing ensures good thermal management and safe operation. Otto family provides IP20 level of ingress protection.