Miniature Downlight


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Right light for every space
Miniature downlight


Mini is a small footprint luminaire that can be easily integrated in all architectural elements.


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Micro-optic system provides high visual performance and comfort, just with miniature dimensions.



Deep snoot with aperture of only Ø10mm and dark color is used to hide light source. Absorbing any spilled light and giving 40° of light cut off for best glare comfort.


By offering three different beam angles, Mini enables wide application possibilities. While spot lens of 15° provides accent light, the 35° wide beam is suitable for applications requiring more general illumination and in cases when illumination from close distance is needed.


Design features

Mini is ideal for an integration with any kind of architectural element, with its installation hole of only Ø30mm. Side entrance of the supply cable is optimised to reduce the installation depth to only 50mm.


Optical features

Mini is suitable for various applications with its three different beam angle alternatives. Micro-optic system provides high performance from miniature dimensions.


Mechanical features

The robust aluminum housing guarantees good thermal management and provides higher lumen output for its size. Silicone gasket protects against dust and water ingress and provides IP54 level of protection.