Linear Downlight

Mini 5

mini 5 perspective cover photo
Right light for every space
Linear Downlight

Mini 5

Mini L luminaires are a small yet powerful that can be easily integrated in dynamic architecture, providing good general as well as strong accent illumination.


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The modern and minimalist appearance of Mini 5 fits into every architectural design concept. The high quality optical lens provides maximum visual comfort and lighting control.


MINI 5 enables a vast range of application possibilities by offering three different beam angles: 15°, 25°, and 35°. While the spot lens provides accent lighting, the wide beam can be used for general illumination and in situations where close-range lights are required.


Design features

With a width of only 30 mm, Mini L luminaires are ideal for application in small recesses as an invisible light source. Only 10 mm aperture and dark deep nose are used to mask the light source. Providing the best glare-reduction, absorbing any scattered light and shears at 40°.


Optical features

Mini L luminaires are suitable for various applications with three different beam angle alternatives. Micro-optic system provides high performance from miniature dimensions.


Mechanical features

The aluminium housing and optimised heat sink provide robustness and allows Mini 5 to reach a power of 14W. Mini L luminaires have IP40 level dust and water ingress protection.