State-of-the-art Downlight

Meira WW

Right light for every space
State-of-the-art Downlight

Meira WW

Meira family is made with a unique reflector series designed by Bartenbach GmbH with highest optical standard and made in Austria. State-of-the-art optics combined with the highest visual comfort that any downlight can have. Meira family provides vast range of application possibilities from same size and cosmetic.


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The unique asymmetric reflector based on complex double reflection principle is calculated in such a way that it allows light to be emitted almost parallel with a ceiling surface.



This is resulting with perfect wall washing with the best uniformity in vertical and horizontal direction. In addition, sending a portion of light downwards makes the luminaire multi functional and eliminates the need for additional downlights.



Meira enables the option of mounting without a visible frame. The trimless frame can plastered in the ceiling and painted over. By clipping screwing pad to specific location, frame can be adapted to 9mm, 12mm and 15mm false ceiling thicknesses.


Choice of high quality control gear allows wireless communication through Bluetooth protocol so user can have remote control.User friendly open source app is available for iPhone and Android.


Design features

In the same appearance and dimension of only Ø58mm, Meira family is providing four different light distributions. It can be used as a direct light for different ceiling heights and applications, as well for wall washing.


Optical features

The unique asymmetric wall washer produces a perfect and homogeneous wall illumination that starts from the ceiling down and at the same time enables big distances between luminaires. Combined with the downlight component, this optic can be used for floor (direct) and wall (indirect) illumination, adding unique quality to lighting design and room architecture.


Mechanical features

Housing completely made of aluminium is robust and long lasting. The large heatsink of extruded aluminium is designed to promote air flow and allows good thermal performances for longer product lifetime.