Unique flexibility

Meira Adjustable

meira adjustable cover
Right light for every space
Unique flexibility

Meira Adjustable

Meira family is made with a unique reflector series designed by Bartenbach GmbH with highest optical standard and made in Austria. State-of-the-art optics combined with the highest visual comfort that any downlight can have. Meira Adjustable takes the functionality of a luminaire to another level with its combination of maximum flexibility and aesthetics.


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Elevating housing of Meira Adjustable allows luminaire head to be pulled out from the installation housing, to be rotated and swivelled in desired direction. Complex inner mechanism and specific sliced shape allow easy adjustment and stable positioning.



Meira Adjustable provides the opportunity to adapt to any design identity by offering two different color combinations : white-black and gold-black.



Meira Adjustable is available in 30° and 50°  beam angles, therefore it can be used for accentuation of artworks, or more general indirect illumination of space. Each luminaire is available in three different correlated color temperatures (CCT): 2700K, 3000K and 4000K.


Design features

In the same appearance and dimension, Meira family is providing various light distributions. It can be used as a direct light for different ceiling heights and applications, as well for wall washing.


Optical features

Micro facets design or Meira family allows a perfect control of the light emitted by the LED with best  uniformity and no color shift over angle. Their small diameter creates a discreet design using the latest COB high density technology.


Mechanical features

Housing completely made of aluminium is robust and long lasting. The large heatsink of extruded aluminium is designed to promote air flow and allows good thermal performances for longer product lifetime.